Why I Love Being A Virtual Assistant

There are lots of reasons why you’ll love being a Virtual Assistant but I’m only going to tell you some of mine. First and foremost, I am here in my room, on a cold rainy
Wednesday, wearing my pajamas, old socks and sweaters, writing this article about being a Virtual Assistant — which is already part of my job. I haven’t had to leave my warm house
for a long commute to some office where I have to be all dressed up only to be ruined by exhaustion and traffic. How cool is it to be earning money while sitting in my room just
tapping away on my keyboard? I can even munch on anything that I want or listen to whatever music that I like without worrying what my colleagues or managers would have
to say. No travel and office wardrobe expenses to add on that. Virtual Assistant work is not location dependent either, as long as you have a desktop or laptop, a fast and
stable Internet connection, and a distraction-free space, you can work anywhere. Yes, there’s less “social life”, but there’s more flexibility and freedom in being a Virtual
Assistant. I can raise my family and avoid My clients (previous and current) are another reason why I love being a Virtual Assistant. Being a Virtual Assistant for more than two
years has enabled me to work with people in locations all over the world. This naturally allowed me to be selective in identifying the clients that best suit my skills and
personality. Safe to say, I only work with people who I want to work. I love what my clients do and they love me right back because I am helping their businesses grow.
It’s a mutual benefit – not just me working like a bee and the people on top collecting all the honey. I am also paid exactly by the hour without those salary deductions that I don’t
understand. Best of all, I earn twice more than what I used to 2 years ago.

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