The Pros Of Being A Virtual Assistant

1) I have freedom I crave freedom. Being a virtual assistant helps curb that craving and makes me an all-around happier person!

Freedom to:

• make my own schedule — I can work, take breaks, schedule personal appointments, take a vacation, etc. when I want to
• location freedom — I prefer to work from home on the sofa or in bed, but if I wanted to work at a coffee shop or while traveling I could
• ease into my day – instead of rushing through my shower, breakfast, and commute to work, I can leisurely drink my coffee and not have to worry about being late
• sleep longer if I want to – sometimes I don’t sleep well, so having the freedom to sleep longer is ideal for me!
• work as late as I like – I can start work when I want and work as late as I want
• take it easy when I’m sick – I no longer have to ask if I can call in sick! I have the freedom to take it easy and rest!

2) I work from home Working from home was a dream of mine for a very long time. Becoming a VA allowed me to finally make that happen! I no longer have to commute to work or sit at my desk wishing
I was at home! It’s perfect for introverts, like me!

3) I choose who I work with if you’ve ever worked in customer service, you’ll understand why it’s a big deal to work with whoever you want. Some people are just plain cranky and take it out on everyone they
come across. I don’t miss that at all! Before I started working with any clients, I got really clear about who I wanted to work with. Not only did this help me determine if a
prospective client was a good fit or not (someone I wanted to work with or not), but it also gave me an idea where to find my ideal clients.
4) I set my own rates The days of someone paying me what they think I’m worth and giving me a raise when they’re ready, are gone. I now have control over how much I charge and when I raise my
5) I can wear yoga pants and tees I love that I can wear whatever I want, which usually ends of being yoga pants and a tee or p.j.s. 🙂
6) The costs of starting a virtual assistant business were minimal I just basically needed a laptop (which I
7) I do work I enjoy I first started out as an OBM (Online Business Manager), but now I’m a Pinterest manager. Being a VA means I can create new services and discontinue others.

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