Real Estate Assistant

At Global Assist, we offer Virtual Real Estate Assistant Services to provide administrative support such as assisting with paperwork, scheduling meetings, answering the queries related to real estate, and disseminating all the real estate-related queries through virtual mode. The responsibilities of a virtual assistant are not limited to gathering data about properties, it is all about offering virtual services that benefit the ultimate audience.
In today’s technological era, many developers and builders are offering online modes to download a brochure, site visits, and many others. But, the crust lies with the documentation and paperwork to which one has to go offline. In this regard, thanks to virtual assistant services where everything done is implemented virtually and proper service is provided.

Responsibilities of Virtual Real Estate Assistant

  • Making phone calls to the prospective clients
  • Managing and handling the documentation and paperwork hassle-free
  • Settling the key appointments for agents
  • Establishing and maintaining an electronic filing system

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