How To Become a Virtual Assistant (With Little to No Experience)

Being a virtual assistant expert is a great career option that offers flexibility, variety and work-life balance. In this article, we discuss what virtual assistants are and how you can
become one.

What is a virtual assistant?

employees or performing the work themselves. And virtual assistants enjoy the flexibility and independence of remote freelance work that often offers opportunities for entry-level employees.

What does a virtual assistant do?

The range of tasks a virtual assistant expert might perform is diverse and depends on the needs of the client and the skill set of the assistant.

Some common tasks a virtual assistant might accept are:

• Answer, monitor and organize emails
• Answer, direct and make phone calls
• Transcribe documents
• Provide customer support, such as answering questions and processing orders
• Prepare reports, letters and statements
• Organize files and documents
• Make appointments
• Manage spreadsheets
• Research content and/or keywords
• Data entry
• Coordinate schedules and calendars
• Edit and proofread documents
• Make travel arrangements
• Order supplies
• Generate sales leads
• Bookkeeping, billing and accounting activities
• Screen potential clients and projects
• Community outreach
• Email marketing
• Manage online presence, such as website design and maintenance, social media and professional profiles
• Create and maintain records

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