Century Integration Framework: Possibilities & Functionalities through Virtual Assistant

Century Integration Framework is a service-based gateway app that provides APIs for client applications. The origin of the Century Integration Framework was made to simplify the complex business processes and act as an information hub for multiple systems, integrations and applications. Also, the Century CRM developed for Telecom Cloud Integration covers the customer lifecycle and has superior functionality. With Telecom Application Integration, one can meet and consistently provide innovations to stay ahead of the competition. With this, Virtual Assistants are making a great space in the market offering leading growth to the businesses.

Why is Century Integration Framework Necessary?

Century Integration Framework offers a technologically advanced atmosphere for managing and moving data between the applications. Mentioned below are some of the points that necessitate the use of the Century Integration Framework:

Faster and Accurate Communication:

The Century Integration Framework is determined as a middleware component in the Galaxy Platform for upstream and downstream systems. The omnichannel approach is allowed by CIF on the demand of customers and requested by the business users of the architecture. The CIF is highly inclined and supports legacy systems which make it easier for efficient bulk uploads. This can be fulfilled through hiring virtual assistants and gaining the pace the business wants.

Scalable and Configurable Environment:

Century Integration Framework comes with an integration layer to simplify the complex business processes and unified access to the information for every system connected. The significant advantages of CIF are that it can easily configure any complex integrations, reduces deployment time, and can manage the modifications without making any changes in the existing flow.

Dynamic Mapping of Requests:

Technological advancement has provided an environment for managing and moving the data between the applications. For this, CIF can easily track requests/responses sent or received. There is no need of having all requests defined before initialization.

Dashboard for Monitoring Progress:

Monitoring progress is one of the most critical aspects of any business. Century Integrated Framework offers a dashboard view of a vast range of KPIs of data exchange between the systems. Many virtual assistants professional are of opinion to offer progressive module to the clients including Content Writer, Designers, Developers and many more.

Powerful Functionalities of Century Integrated Framework

Century Integrated Framework allows the users to use the advanced technology and implement it into the business to see the unimagined progress. Here we are going to discuss some of the essential functionalities of CIF:

1. Queue Management:

The responsive queue management of CIF helps create and maintain the queue for all the requests and responses with Apache Active MQ-driven queueing mechanism.

2. Workflow Management:

The easily accessible and simplified workflow of Century Integrated Framework configures end-to-end communications between the systems.

3. Routing Management:

Under routing management, CIF uses Apache Camel-based routing mechanism, which is a priority-based route to target systems.

4. Error Handling:

In case of any external system unavailability, users can easily configure interval count and retry settings.

5. Notifications and Alert Messaging:

You can receive information regarding your preferred systems’ success and failure responses. Also, you will receive alerts O&M on up of service failures.

6. Reporting and Dashboard:

With Century Integrated Framework installed, it helps the users generate transaction reports and provides a user-based dashboard for operations and maintenance.

7. Schedule Management:

The powerful tool of CIF enables the users to manage all the schedules for any asynchronous communications.

8. Data Validation:

The prime purpose of Century Integrated Framework is to perform business validation for all the data.

The Bottom Line:

There are several consulting and technology solutions companies that is highly indulged in solving client’s complex business, technology, and operational issues. We offer a wide range of solutions to our clients in business consultancy, system integration, and outsourcing.

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