About Us

Global Assist Inc. is a leading 360-degree Business solution firm with offices in the USA, Canada, India, and the Philippines and branches spread globally.

Our core values


This magic has 3 components; Focus, Support and Experience.Hence we FOCUS on the result, give adequate SUPPORT to your resource and assign EXPERIENCED resources for a job well done.

Cost Effective

To ensure that we give your business a better support with tasks and profit, hiring a cost-effective resource from us is already the job half done.


The "Mantra" to satisfaction is knowing your job well. Nobody will give you a guarantee of Satisfaction but we do. Check it out yourself!


Being fair is our core Value and being fair to your task means giving you a transparency of the task done for you.


We work as per your time zone, products, target market and skills. We are a pro at making you comfortable!

We Offer

We offer a host of business-critical services to our clients including call screening/management, online marketing services, web development, internet research, transcription, entrepreneurial and business services. Our virtual assistants can take care of a wide range of skills, to help you work a little smarter.

At Global Assist, we identify with the importance of your work and make sure that your requirements are looked after in the best way possible. We ensure complete quality control and client satisfaction.

Virtual Assistant

Hire Global Assist 360 Degree Total Virtual Team Solutions

Virtual Assistant

Instead of hiring a single admin to handle a single project, hire a team of admins to support the department functionality

Hire Global Assist 360 Degree Total Virtual Team Solutions for your virtual/remote/satellite office needs.

In today’s digital workforce, it is the new norm to integrate a virtual work component to your company. Eliminate barriers to talent, productivity, and sustainability with Global Assist 360 Degree Total Virtual Team Solutions.

With Global Assist 360 Degree Total Virtual Team Solutions hire a team of highly qualified remote professionals to function as a department team at a fraction of the cost of overhead for an inhouse department team. Total Solutions includes systems, processes, and highly skilled and talented professionals to operate them.


  • Administration & Operations
  • Marketing and Social Media
  • Sales
  • Business Development
  • IT and Technical Support
Virtual Assistant

360 Solution

Our dedicated virtual teams come in a set of 3 at a cost of one.

Virtual Assistant

Reducing the cost of business overhead with

  • a virtual satellite office this solution is for traditional corporate America
  • a solution to virtual team development for start-up companies on a small budget
  • virtual teams for online businesses – keep it all in the cloud


  • A qualified team of professionals that have the experience to work remote and providing virtual service
  • Hiring a virtual team reduces cost to Recruitment, training and hiring of new employees
  • Save time and money on hiring, recruiting, and training cost.
  • Make one payment to cover the cost of the team
  • Minimal bookkeeping and account with hiring a team vs individual member
  • We hire for our team recruit for our team and train our team on your company requirements and processes.
  • Employee retention and associated costs