7 steps to becoming a virtual assistant

If you are interested in beginning a career or having a side job as a virtual assistant professional, try these steps to get started:
1. Identify your skills
• Computer proficiency: Virtual assistants use a wide range of computer programs
• Communication: Excellent verbal and written communication skills are necessary for virtual assistants to contact clients, receive assignments from clients and perform numerous duties,
such as customer support and creating records.

light research and typing documents.

• Organization and time management: Besides helping clients manage their time by overseeing calendars, schedules and appointments
and performing organizational tasks for clients, virtual assistants companies need to be adept at organizing their own tasks and managing their own time. As a virtual assistant, you might accept jobs from
multiple clients at once and need to perform them all effectively and on time.
2. Decide what services you’ll offer and your pricing structure You can better target potential clients and earn jobs by knowing beforehand what tasks you can and are willing to perform. Besides
identifying your services, you should also determine your fees. Some virtual assistants

charge hourly, daily or weekly rates, while others get paid per task completed.

3. Obtain any necessary equipment
4. Search for jobs
Begin your career as a virtual assistant by getting clients. You may need to start by accepting small, lower-paying jobs until you build experience and positive reviews. You
can also refer to your professional network for job openings or search job listings online.

5. Build a portfolio
6. Market yourself
7. Consider specializing

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